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Case Study

Touch of Spice - Luxury Stays and Experiences


Touch of Spice redefine luxury stays

by going beyond the extraordinary

with their award-winning accommodation portfolio.


An experience with Touch of Spice includes everything from self-catered apartments to fully staffed private residences, glamping getaways to private islands, boutique hotels to world-class luxury lodges.

Our mission

was to create experiential films showcasing specific properties creating a library of luxury stays and experiences guests can expect when choosing Touch of Spice as their accommodation provider.

Shot at two seperate luxury properties in Queenstown, it was important to highlight their unique character, while demonstrating a social and welcoming setting with the impressive alpine backdrop found in the Queenstown region. 

Lake Hayes Homestead - Experiential Film 2.35:1 90'/30'

The Hills - Experiential Film 2.35:1 90'/45'/15'


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