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Case Study

Real Journeys


Real Journeys offer a variety of tourism experiences in some of the most beautiful places on earth - from stunning Milford Sound to spectacular Queenstown through to the unspoilt magic of Stewart Island.

Our mission

was to produce a large suite of media focusing on the different micro experiences to excite RJ's customers into direct bookings and build brand reputation as a tourism experience favourite in New Zealand.

Campaign launch film

35 x Love every moment 15' 16:9s

35 x Love every moment 15' 9:16s

Campaign landing page banner

Out of home advertising

Our tech infrastructure and collaborative post-production team enabled us to service responsive turn arounds, and enable Real Journeys to execute their marketing goals quickly and efficiently.


Over 350,000 social media views

With the range of locations and products, Real Journeys were able to reactively promote

products to suit real time market trends, it led to more beneficial conversions in direct

bookings and acted as point of sale marketing to encourage repeat customers and up-selling.

To respect the conservation of the delicate locations we visited, footage was captured with a low impact crew of 2 over 6 days and complimented in post-production with stock footage supplied by Real Journeys. 

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