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Case Study

Queenstown Airport Corporation


Queenstown Airport is the gateway to stunning southern New Zealand. Managing Queenstown and Wanaka airports, Queenstown Airport Corporation provide the infrastructure for scheduled flights, general aviation and multiple essential services including Fire & Rescue, as well as linking the Queenstown region to the rest of Australasia's business centres.

Our mission

was to produce a series of cinematic documentaries focusing on the wider aviation community in the region. Sharing stories from local characters with a deep romance of aviation at heart, tied together with high cinematic value allowed QAC to shine awareness on their contribution and service to the Queenstown community.

Why Do We Fly Launch Film 2.35:1

7 x Why Do We Fly Profile Films 2.35:1

Why Do We Fly Wrap Film 2.35:1

Shotover Camera System B-Roll

Profile B-Roll


Ad of the week 21st May 2019

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