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Case Study

Queenstown Resort College


QRC is New Zealand's premier Tourism & Hospitality Management College. inspiring students in careers in adventure tourism or those who wish to enter the world of hospitality, QRC will prepares students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully pursue a management career.

Our mission

was to produce "a day in the life of" video demonstrating the fun and engaging educational experiences students can expect when choosing QRC as their territory education centre.

A series of bite-sized stories demonstrating the success of previous alumni students was also to produced. This series showcases the range of career pathways into business and management jobs, establishing QRC as New Zealand's leading Tourism & Hospitality Management college.

Day In The Life Of - Brand Film 100' 2.35:1

5 x Alumni Stories 60' 16:9


This media was organised and produced with multiple team leaders designated to each project. To streamline communications between each party we used Asana, an online project management portal, and Frame.IO, a cloud based video workflow platform, to ensure clear and concise project tracking and cohesion, media reviews and delivery sign-offs.

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