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Part 102 certified UAV operators and aerial cinematographers.

With five in-house qualified UAV pilots and years of experience capturing stunning aerial images in the southern alps and across New Zealand, there's nothing we can't capture from above. Whether it's a single or dual operation UAV, doors off from a chopper or collaborating with heli teams and international DOPs for the ultimate shot, we've got it covered.

Experts in UAV operations, safety is our number one priority. Maintaining close relationships with the CAA, Airways, local operators and land administrators, along with full insurance coverage and our comprehensive maintenance and training schedule means we can focus on capturing shot after shot with all bases covered.

  • Part 102 Certified

  • Full insurance coverage with $5million liability

  • Privileges to fly within 4km of an aerodrome, at night, above 400ft, over property, in low flying zones.

  • 5 qualified UAV operators

  • Competent with UAV and helicopter platforms

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